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Patriot Edition is an American news source proudly dedicated to defending First Amendment rights and a free press. Our team is made up of conservative, patriotic individuals who, like you, are concerned with journalistic integrity and the ability to get the truth from news. Our team of dedicated reporters is committed to bringing you the latest stories that affect US politics, daily life, and our American rights so you can stay informed.

In this day and age, objective and truthful news is hard to come by. Mainstream media often repeats the same stories across all major outlets, and big tech suppresses half of the national conversation. Patriots have found that their voices are silenced in the mainstream, and they’re desperate for news outlets that deviate from the script. That’s where we come in.

Our team cares about free speech and protecting our Constitutional rights. Just like you, we’ve been burned by the mainstream media, and we pledge to report the truth no matter what the major news corporations are publishing. Americans deserve to know what’s happening behind the scenes in our country’s political landscape, and we’ll bring you the news you need to know.

We aren’t backed by political special interest groups or big business. Our writers and editors are everyday people who are concerned about ethical reporting, and we take our jobs seriously. We don’t take our readers for granted, and we appreciate the time you spend with us. We are here for you, whether you’re on your commute to work or checking the news over morning coffee.

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